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The physical and psychological wounds caused by negligence in the medical field can leave victims deeply distraught. Fortunately, victims of clinical negligence can get just compensation for their sufferings through able assistance from specialist solicitors. Below are some of the things that you may expect from a clinical negligence solicitor:

Expert Assessment

Victims of hospital malpractice are generally awarded compensation ranging from £5,000 up to £5 million, depending on the extent of the harm. The amount of your claim can also be influenced by the expertise of your solicitor. Bear in mind that before you go to court the solicitor will calculate the cost of your claim by gathering pertinent medical records, receipts and personal notes from you. He will then seek advice from medical experts, accountants and other consultants to help him in determining the approximate cost of your claim. Without help from a clinical negligence solicitor, you may not arrive at a calculation that will be favourable to you.

Negotiating Skills

Litigation can demand a lot from you, physically, emotionally, and financially. A clinical negligence solicitor knows that resorting to litigation should be your last resort. He will therefore do his best to negotiate with the negligent party for a favourable compensation. His experience in negotiation will be crucial as there are instances when the negligent party or his insurance provider will offer low compensation which may sound fair to the victim at the first instance.

Competent Representation

In case negotiations fail, a solicitor who is specialising in clinical negligence is always ready to provide the best legal representation for you. To secure the most favourable award for you, the clinical negligence solicitor will:

  • Present pertinent data to prove existence of negligence
  • Provide evidence and testimony from expert witnesses to establish your claims amount
  • Expose flaws in the evidence of the negligent party

Personable Service

Solicitors who specialise in disputing clinical negligence adhere to a strict code of conduct. They put the interest of the client in the driver’s seat, not theirs. So look forward to personable service from your clinical negligence solicitor.

Expect timely response from him and his staff every time you have questions. If there is a new development in the investigation or trial, you will be timely notified by the solicitor. Your solicitor is also attuned to your financial needs. As much as possible, he will offer to provide a reasonable scheme to settle fees. If you are in dire need of rehabilitation, a solicitor may also arrange for your treatment while the case is being heard.